<Dust to Glory> English speaking guild!

Hey everyone!

<Dust to Glory> is an English speaking guild that is open for anyone who is looking for one. We hope to get enough to raid but if that doesn't interest you, you are still welcome to join us; I promise we won't force you into raids. We just want to enjoy the game, relax, and have fun.

We have a few rules:
a) be respectful of everyone;
b) real life's responsibilities come before gaming; respect and support each other in this.

You can find us on the TW server <暗影之月>. We also have our own Teamspeak server.
Sorry, forgot to mention that we are on the Horde side.
Really hope you guys are on Allience
do u guys raid_?
yes we doo :D
@Zeminha would you consider switching factions? :D
up up!
Put me in coach!
helkloooo add me if ur still playing siegeturtle#4869
Hey guys. Got a retri Pala and resto Druid of 890 ILVL. Would love to join if any of those. Please let me know
they really need to be online more often, always seems no one on xD

I have sensed there are many english speakers/typers in this server who are active and looking for an english speaking guild.
and after many years of research, it seems dust to glory is the only 'active' ones after all.

if the guild have at least fixed number of people online for M+, i dont mind transfer all my 900+ ilvl characters over though.

Having night hold M raid with all english typers is my dream xD which I doubt it can be fulfilled anytime soon.
im looking for one too.. tried to looking but no one online >.<
hai all i just returned to see if there were any english speaking players on wow taiwan!

add me whalemiao#1928 !!
hey i just recently joined the TW server . Could you please addme . I would love to be a part of your guild. Thank you. My battle tag is Frosty#15506. Please add me
Hey man, fortunately the guild doesn’t exist anymore. i’ve added you to my bnet acccount, have u found an english speaking guild?